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Accessible Accommodation

The first thing you have to ask yourself is what sort of accommodation are you looking for. Do you want a hotel or a homestay? Is budget an important factor? How long do you plan to stay for? Questions like these will help you determine where to look for accessible accommodation.

Our go to when searching for accessible accommodation is This is because we generally travel as a couple, for a short period of time and budget is important to us. We find that is often the cheapest when there's only two of us travelling. It also tends to be the cheapest for short stays. For larger groups or longer stays Airbnb tends to win. Owners may be willing to negotiate a discount with you for longer stays.

Here are some of the ways we find accessible accommodation:

How to Book an Accessible Hotel with

How to Book Accessible Accommodation with Airbnb

Accessible Transport

Flying as a Wheelchair User

In our experience flying as a wheelchair user is fairly straightforward because there is so much help in place to make it possible. The process of arriving at the airport to getting on the plane varies by airport and airline but most have some sort of special assistance in place to help you on and off the plane and through the airport.

Here are some tips for flying as a wheelchair user:

How to Fly with easyJet as a Wheelchair User

Wheelchair to Car Transfer

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